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Dallison Ken

Year working: 1933 onwards

Ken Dallison is probanly best known as a foremost American/Canadian motoring artist. This hides the facts that he is British and was trained and worked in the UK.. Dallison was born in London and was trained at Twickenham Art College. It was there that he met Peter Hutton. The two artists had a mutual interest in automobiles and used to go the area around the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square to sketch the large American cars of the time. After initial work for Ford he emmigrated to the USA in 1960. Following the work he ended up in Canada where he now lives. He has had a large list of clients both cooperate and collectors including many stamp designs for the Post Office.. He was one of the founders of AFAS - Automotive Fine Arts Society. Three books of his art have been published as listed below

Further reference

The Spirit: Celebrating 75 years of the Rolls-Royce Motor Car. 1979 The Great American Classics: Celebrating The Classic American Motor car 1980 The First Century: Portraits In celebration of the Mercedes-Benz Centennial 1886 - 1986. 1986

1966 advertisement for Castrol oil as used by Cobra cars.

Toyota Corolla advertisement

Advertisement for 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird

1992 artwork for front cover of Indianapolisw 500 race program

1994 poster for Meadowbrook Concours

Artwork for Road and Track magazine.

1994 front cover artwork for Indianapolis 500 race.

Corvettes at Le Mans.

Ferraris at The Breakers