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Davis Sidney Charles Houghton (SAMMY, CASQUE, SCH)

Year working: 1887 – 1981

Racing driver, author and artist, worked for Motorcycling magazine circa 1910 and later for The Autocar magazine. Work is that of an amateur but he had an art training. Produced many sketches and cartoons often under the Autocar name of Casque. He was principally a journalist for the magazine but his art work was often used as column headers etc. His oil paintings mainly done in later life are poor. In old age he was relatively poor and painting provided useful income. Unfortunately at the same time he was suffering failing eyesight. Sammy contributed sketches to Bugantics in the 1930's. Biographies were published in The Autocar and The Automobile Sept 2006. A new biography has recently been published, which is excellent reading. This mainly consists of an unpublished autobiography by Sammy plus new information and research. The Autocar published two books of his sketches in the 1930’s, see details below. He also wrote several books as an author/journalist, details of these can be found in Peter Heilbron’s biography.

Further reference

MY LIFETIME IN MOTOR SPORT by Peter Heilbron published Herridge & Sons Ltd 2007 CASQUES SKETCH BOOK by SCH Davis published Iliffe & Sons early 1930ís MORE SKETCHES BY CASQUE by SCH Davis published Illiffe & Sons mid 1930ís


Photograph of Sammy Davis working on a painting. Image courtesy of Peter Heilbron

Motorcyclist Nightmare - pen and ink drawing published in Motorcycling 3rd January 1910

The winning Bentley #3 at Le Mans 1927 Image courtesy of Bonhams

Alfa Romeo on Mille Miglia Image courtesy of H & H Sales Ltd

Casques Sketch Book published early 1930ís. Containing humorous Sammy Davis sketches