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Dryden Ernst (DEUTSCH)

Year working: 1887 – 1938

Dryden was born in Austria (with the name Deutsch) and studied under Gustav Klimt at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts. He was a very successful poster and magazine advertisement designer in Austria and Germany before moving to Paris in 1926. His work successfully expanded into fashion design. Whilst in Paris Dryden worked for UK companies including Simpson’s of Piccadilly and Shell. Dryden was an avid motorist and created advertising for motor manufacturers such as Bugatti and utilised automobiles in many of his fashion plates. He moved in 1934 to Hollywood where he was a leading costume and set designer, particularly for Marlene Dietrich’s films. He died in Hollywood in 1938.

Further reference


1931 advertisement for die Oberst cigarettes with Bugatti

Similar advert. The dangers of smoking when filling up.

1932 original artwork for front cover of Adam magazine