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Pearks Leonard

Year working: 1880 - 1922

In the Bonhams auction of 18th June 2011 was a small archive of eighteen coachwork designs. These were pen and ink drawn on blue linen. The catalogue has the following description. Leonard Pearks was born in 1880 into a family of grocers. By the turn of the century he was working for Barker & Co of Olaf Street, Notting Hill, W11, London, as a coachwork artist and designer. Leonard Pearks worked in close association with Rolls-Royce, Barkers having been the official coach builders to Rolls-Royce since 1905. Pearks died at the age of 42 in 1922.

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Laundaulette, Cabriolet and Limousine coachwork designs 1909. Image courtesy of Bonhams auctions

Various 1909 coachwork body styles. Image courtesy of Bonhams auctions