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Important Reading

Where there are specific books about artists these have been listed on the artist’s page.

  • The best general English language book is:- Art and the Automobile by D B Tubbs published Quarto Books 1978 but there have been later editions.
  • There are magazine publications such as:- The Art of Autocar and Motor by various authors published Haymarket Magazines 1991.
  • A superb book dealing with whole world-wide motoring art in its widest forms is:- The Motor Car in Art by JJ Zolomij published Automobile Quarterly/Foulis 1990
  • A book concentrating mainly on European motoring art in the French language is:- L’Art et L’Automobile by Hervé Poulain published Les Clefs du Temps 1973
  • A companion volume concentrating on the art of women and cars is: - L’art La Femme et L’automobile by Hervé Poulain published EPA 1989
  • A general book that looks at the automobile through art is: - Motoring - The Golden Years by R Prior published by Blossom 1991
  • A recent book that takes an academic look at the automobile through art and advertising is - Representations of British Motoring by David Jeremiah published by Manchester University Press 2007


Where links to individual artists exist these are given on the page in the ARTISTS LISTING.